Tube Cleaning Brushes

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Tube Cleaning Brushes are known by a variety of names such as bottle, spiral, twisted in wire, bore, pipe or internal cleaning brushes. They are more flexible than cylindrical tube brushes and are used in many different manufacturing environments due to their multiple uses in cleaning, deburring and finishing. Their construction creates a brush that can be designed for use by either hand, in drills, drill presses and other mechanical equipment. Different styles of Twisted Wire brushes are created using a multiplicity of different wires and filaments and can be made for the most delicate of surfaces or alternatively used to remove very heavy detritus.

We are able to produce Twisted Wire brushes from a full range of materials and combination of materials to offer an optimum product for your cleaning application. If you are unsure of exactly how to decide exactly what brush you need, our technical staff are only too willing to advise you.