Roller Brushes

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Roller Brushes are usually constructed by either winding strip brush around a mandrel or punching filaments into a body.  Both methods have idiosyncrasies that are suitable for particular uses. If you are unsure which may be the best for your application, call us for advice, we have over 75 years experience of knowing which brush will be best for your requirement.

Wound Brush Strip Roller Brushes are manufactured in a variety of configurations and densities, dependent on their application. We are able to design and manufacture most Wound Brush Strip Roller brushes to any required diameter, length or pitch, wound right hand or left hand or formed into a chevron. 

We also refurbish worn Wound Brush Strip Roller brushes onto your original shaft. 

Wound Brush Strip Roller brush applications:

Include: Conveyor cleaning, Glass washing, Vegetable and Fruit washing, Trommel Screen cleaning, Material handling including manipulating products in a specified direction, Metal polishing and Finishing, and many more across most industries.

Punch Filled (or Staple set) Roller Brushes are produced by stapling tufts of wire, filaments or natural fibres into a plastic, wood, steel or aluminium body to create the desired configuration to suit the cleaning application.

The pattern of the tufts determines the outcome of the cleaning process so let us guide you in making the final decision for optimum performance if you are unsure which style will achieve the best result.

Typical Applications

Fill Materials